"Flowers always make people better, happier,
and more helpful:
they are sunshine, food and medicine to the soul."

~ Luther Burbank

What's New for 2017?

New Varieties, of Course!

Adding new products to our offerings is a balancing act of customer requests, "filling-in" where we are lacking, refining what we already offer and the desire to bring you the best of the new varieties.

We are adding 54 varieties for 2017: 45 perennials, 6 grasses, and 3 small fruits. The new grass and small fruit varieties are highlighted in their respective sections.

Here are a few highlights of the new and improved perennial varieties:

  • Campanula glomerata Freya-MORE, MORE, MORE! More hardy, more early, more sturdy and more floriferous than other glomerata types. Clusters of star shaped deep lilac purple flowers on this well-behaved, super bloomer. 2017_WN_clematis-sweet-summer-love-1
  • Clematis paniculata Sweet Summer Love-Smelling of vanilla, with small, reddish-purple flowers, this early blooming sweet autumn clematis is a stunner! Can produce over 2000 blooms in a season.
  • Echinacea x Big Kahuna-from Terra Nova Nurseries Prairie Pillars series. Large, fragrant, honey-mango colored flowers, well-branched, strong and floriferous.
  • Helianthus x multiflorus Garden Candy-a new addition to the MONROVIA Collection. Fully double deep yellow blossoms that stand tall in the garden and just bloom and bloom from June to August.
  • Helleborus- We've updated our selection of Hellebores!
    • The traditional Christmas Rose (Helleborus niger) has gone one better with Joseph Lemper. Slightly-cupped, pure white, upward-facing flowers turn to light green. Strong stems and dark green foliage.
    • Brandywine Strain is a premium strain with clear colors and distinctive forms. This group promises plenty of doubles and anemones, as well as dark reds, spotted pinks, picotees, and apricots.
    • HONEYMOON Rome in Red - large, 3" to 4", single, rich maroon to wine red flowers bloom early in the season. Vigorous and showy!
    • WEDDING PARTY™ Maid of Honor (blush to dark pink) and Wedding Bells (pure white)- large, double flowers. From the same breeding as the HONEYMOON Series above.
  • Leucanthemum x Whoops a Daisy - An improved Snowcap, and new addition to the MONROVIA Collection, this dwarf Shasta Daisy dazzles with an exceptionally dense mound of clean, dark green foliage that becomes covered in large, gold centered, fluffy white flowers. A beauty in containers, gardens and landscapes.
  • Some of the best Andropogon selections have come from Brent Horvath and Intrinsic Perennials. His introductions just keep getting better and better. They include Red October, Dancing Wind and now Andropogon gerardii Black Hawks. Dark green foliage with purple highlights start in spring, continuing into late summer. By fall, it is nearly black. It's a stunner!

NEW Northern Sunset Perennials

    ASCLEPIAS verticillata (Whorled Milkweed)
    ASTILBE x Burgundy Red (Burgundy Red Astilbe)
    ASTILBE x Younique Salmon (Younique Salmon Astilbe)
    CALAMINTHA nepeta nepeta (Calamint)
    CAMPANULA carpatica Blue Uniform (Blue Uniform Bellflower)
    CAMPANULA carpatica Deep Blue Pearl (Deep Blue Pearl Bellflower)
    CAMPANULA carpatica White Uniform (White Uniform Bellflower)
    CAMPANULA glomerata Freya (Freya Bellflower)
    CLEMATIS pan. Sweet Summer Love (Sweet Summer Love Clematis)
    COREOPSIS verticillata Sylvester (Sylvester Threadleaf Tickseed)
    ECHINACEA x PRAIRIE PILLARS™ Big Kahuna (Big Kahuna Coneflower)
    GERANIUM cinereum Purple Pillow (Purple Pillow Cranesbill)
    GERANIUM x Tiny Monster (Tiny Monster Cranesbill)
    HELIANTHUS x multiflorus Garden Candy™ (Garden Candy™ Sunflower)
    2017_WN_helleborus-josef-lemper1 HELLEBORUS niger (Christmas Rose)
    HELLEBORUS x Brandywine™ Strain (Brandywine™ Lenten Rose)
    HELLEBORUS x HONEYMOON™ Rome in Red (Lenten Rose)
    HELLEBORUS x WEDDING PARTY™ Maid of Honor (Lenten Rose)
    HELLEBORUS x WEDDING PARTY™ Wedding Bells (Lenten Rose)
    HEMEROCALLIS white Early Snow (Early Snow Daylily)
    HEUCHERA x Lava Lamp (Lava Lamp Coral Bells)
    HEUCHERA x CITY™ Havana (Havana Coral Bells)
    X HEUCHERELLA x Pink Fizz (Pink Fizz Foamy Bells)
    HOSTA x Brother Stefan (Brother Stefan Hosta)
    HOSTA x Mighty Mouse (Mighty Mouse Hosta)
    IBERIS sempervirens Alexander's White (Alexander's White Candytuft)
    IRIS Bearded STANDARD DWARF El Torito {Pumila Group}
    IRIS Bearded TALL Blue Suede Shoes {Germanica Group}
    IRIS Bearded TALL Firebreather {Germanica Group}
    IRIS Bearded TALL Matinata {Germanica Group}
    IRIS Bearded TALL Stepping Out {Germanica Group}
    IRIS Bearded TALL Titan's Glory {Germanica Group}
    IRIS Bearded TALL Victoria Falls {Germanica Group}
    IRIS Bearded TALL War Chief {Germanica Group}
    IRIS sibirica Pink Parfait (Pink Parfait Siberian Iris)
    2017_WN_parthenocissus-fenway-park1 LEUCANTHEMUM x Whoops-a-Daisy {Superbum Group} (Shasta Daisy)
    LILIUM martagon (Martagon Lily)
    LOBELIA x Monet Moment (Monet Moment Cardinal Flower)
    PARTHENOCISSUS tricuspidata Fenway Park (Fenway Park Boston Ivy)
    PHLOX x Goldmine {Paniculata Group} (Goldmine Tall Phlox)
    PHLOX x Minnie Pearl (Minnie Pearl Phlox)
    SEDUM x Thunderhead (Thunderhead Stonecrop)
    SEMPERVIVUM x Rocknoll Rosette (Rocknoll Rosette Hens-and-Chicks)
    SEMPERVIVUM x Royal Ruby (Royal Ruby Hens-and-Chicks)
    THALICTRUM dioicum (Early Meadow Rue)
    WISTERIA macrostachya Blue Moon (Blue Moon Kentucky Wisteria)
    YUCCA filamentosa Color Guard (Color Guard Adam's Needle)

    ANDROPOGON gerardii Blackhawks (Big Bluestem)
    BOUTELOUA gracilis (Blue Grama)
    BOUTELOUA gracilis Blonde Ambition (Blue Grama)
    CAREX plantaginea (Seersucker Sedge)
    MISCANTHUS sinensis Zebrinus (Zebra Grass)
    PANICUM virgatum Red Sunset (Red Sunset Switch Grass)
    SCHIZACHYRIUM scoparium Smoke Signal (Little Bluestem)

The new grass, herb, vegetable and small fruit varieties are highlighted in their respective sections. The new grass, herb, vegetable and small fruit varieties are highlighted on their respective web pages.

Note: New variety photos courtesy of Walter's Gardens, Plant Haven and Terra Nova Nursery.

This past year has seen the rise of consumer concern with two issues -- the use of GMO seeds and the use of neonicotinoids. We thought we'd print our answers to give you a start.

2013_Rudbeckia First, we do not use GMO seeds for any of our vegetables, herbs or perennials. Actually, there are few food crops for which there are GMO varieties available. They include corn, soybeans, cotton (for cotton seed oil) squash, papaya, sugar beets that are refined into sugar, and alfalfa for animal feed. There are really no GMO varieties in herbs or perennials.

Second, there has been a lot of press lately about the use of neonicotinoids on ornamental crops. We limit the use of neonics on pollinator plants to those applications for which there is no viable alternative and use only according to label specifications. Since there is no definitive answer to the decline of bees, butterflies and other pollinators, our answer is PLANT MORE FLOWERS!!

There has been a "Growing Green" statement on this website for some time. The statement has now been updated to address the above issues. Visit our How We Grow page for more information.

Happy gardening!

Plants of the Year
Each year extraordinary plants are chosen to represent the best in their category. Here are the "plants of the year" this year:

WNA Plant of the Year is Peonia x ITOH Varieties. Learn more at www.wgif.net
Perennial Plant of the Year: Asclepias tuberosa. Learn more at www.perennialplant.org
Hosta of the Year: Brother Stefan. Learn more at www.hostagrowers.org
Herb of the Year: Cilantro/Coriander. Learn more at http://www.iherb.org

2017_paeonia-itoh-old-rose-dandy 2017_asclepias-tuberosa_125 2017_hosta-brother-stefan_125 2017_coriander_150

In May of 2015, the phase-out period began for the latest additions to the Wisconsin DNR NR 40 Invasive Species regulations. The following is a list of varieties we no longer grow or are phasing-out:

  • Aegopodium podagraria (Bishop's goutweed)
  • Akebia quinata (Fiveleaf akebia or Chocolate vine)
  • Ampelopsis brevipedunculata (Porcelain berry) including the variegated cultivar
  • Elymus arenarius or Leymus arenarius (Lyme grass or sand ryegrass)
  • Iris pseudacorus (Yellow iris)
  • Lysimachia nummularia (Moneywort) except the cultivar Aurea and yellow and gold leaf forms
  • Myosotis scorpioides (Aquatic forget-me-not)

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