"Flowers always make people better, happier,
and more helpful:
they are sunshine, food and medicine to the soul."

~ Luther Burbank

What's New for 2018?

New Varieties, of Course!

Adding new products to our offerings is a balancing act of customer requests, "filling-in" where we are lacking, refining what we already offer and the desire to bring you the best of the new varieties.

We are adding 38 varieties for 2018: 33 perennials and 5 grasses.

Here are a few highlights of the new and improved perennial varieties:

    Eupatorium Little Joe and Juncus torreyi make their reappearance this year. Little Joe was unavailable for several years. We were happy to see it available again. We saw increased demand for Torrey's Rush, so we are bringing it back.

    Here are a few highlights of the new and improved perennial varieties:

      2018_Allium Mohican 2_opt
    • Allium amethystinum Red Mohican-is taking the place of Drumstick Allium. A much larger flower head adds more drama to the landscape.
    • Asclepias sullivantii-Another Butterfly Host plant! Similar to Common Milkweed (Asclepias syriaca) but much better behaved and a nice addition to the butterfly garden.
    • Bergenia x DRAGONFLY™ Sakura-when we saw this beauty in bloom all we could say was WOW! Double to semi-double, large pink flowers reminiscent of cherry blossoms. She's a stunner.
    • Coreopsis-several of our old standbys have gone bye-bye! Here are some new ones to take their place:
      • Li'l Bang™ Daybreak is a sterile, long blooming variety with single, daisy-like, gold-edged, orange-red flowers blooming, and reblooming, from June-September. A natural at the front of the border or in containers.
      • Li'l Bang™ Orange Elf is the orange version of Daybreak. With Coreopsis Sunset Strip going away Orange Elf fills the "orange" void. 2018_Bergenia Sakura-LO_opt
      • Permathread™ Red Satin is not necessarily new to the trade but it is new to our catalog. After being stung with Limerock Ruby years ago it took some time to find a red coreopsis we could love.
      • Heuchera Delta Dawn will eventually replace Tiramisu. Larger foliage with better substance and longer lasting color are a definite improvement.
      • Heuchera Berry Timeless is an updated classic. Dark green veined, silvery foliage and tall sprays of everblooming, small, bell-shaped, dark pink flowers from June-October.
      • Hemerocallis Royal Frosting-our search is over! An improvement over the less hardy Joan Senior, Royal Frosting goes fully dormant and has better flower substance.
      • Nepeta Snowflake-a white flowered Nepeta for the front of the border when you're tired of all that blue or need a spark of pure white.
    • Peonies-Yes...our peony selection had a few holes! So, we filled them with these classic beauties:
        2018_PaeoniaBowlofBeauty HI_opt
      • Dr. Alexander Fleming- fragrant, large, double, deep rose-pink flowers in June.
      • Bowl of Beauty-an Anemone Type with fragrant, large, frilly, creamy yellow centered, bright rose-pink flowers.
      • Red Magic-fragrant, large, double, cranberry red.
      • We now have double and single/semi-double peonies in each of these colors: red, magenta, rose-pink, light pink and white.
    • Rudbeckia American Gold Rush is another gem from our friend Brent Horvath and Intrinsic Perennials. A long blooming, dwarf variety with disease resistant foliage! Round, dark cones with daisy-like, dark-eyed, golden yellow flowers bloom and bloom from July to September.
    • Sanguisorba Little Angel: The Sanguisorba family has been out of favor for far too long. Little Angel may make you fall in love with this genus all over again. Open, airy clusters of fuzzy, catkin-like, strawberry-red flowers are super cute over finely divided, semi-evergreen foliage edged with cream. At the front of the border or in containers, this cutie will make you look twice.
    • Chick Charms and Sunsparkler! Chris Hansen just keeps on offering new, great varieties of Sempervivums and Sedums. Succulents are huge right now. Enjoy (or collect) these three Chick Charms:
    • Gold Nugget-orange-red tipped, golden, succulent foliage
    • Key Lime Kiss-lime-green, succulent foliage
    • Sugar Shimmer-cupped, slightly fuzzy, silvery-green, succulent foliage
    • AND another addition to the Sedum Sunsparkler Series:
      • Lime Twister- apple green, succulent foliage, edged in cream, with soft pink highlights.
      • Veronica Royal Rembrandt and White Wands are truly improvements to Royal Candles and Icicle respectively. Give 'em a try!

      NEW Northern Sunset Perennials

        ALLIUM amethystinum Red Mohican (Persian Onion)
        ASCLEPIAS sullivantii (Prairie Milkweed)
        BERGENIA x DRAGONFLY™ Sakura
        2018_Heuchera Berry Timeless-LO_opt COREOPSIS x LI'L BANG™ Daybreak (Tickseed)
        COREOPSIS x LI'L BANG™ Orange Elf (Tickseed)
        COREOPSIS x PERMATHREAD™ Red Satin (Tickseed)
        ENEMION biternatum (False Rue Anemone)
        EUPATORIUM dubium Little Joe (Joe-Pye Weed)
        HELLEBORUS X Pine Knot Select (Hellebore)
        HEMEROCALLIS pink Woodside Romance (Daylily)
        HEMEROCALLIS white Royal Frosting (Daylily)
        HEUCHERA x Berry Timeless (Coral Bells)
        HEUCHERA x Delta Dawn (Coral Bells)
        HOSTA x Fire Island
        IRIS x louisiana Red Velvet Elvis (Louisiana Iris)
        LATHYRUS latifolius Pearl Mix (Sweet Pea)
        NEPETA racemosa Snowflake (Catmint)
        OENOTHERA fruticosa Fireworks (Sundrops)
        PAEONIA x Bowl of Beauty (Peony)
        PAEONIA x Dr. Alexander Fleming (Peony)
        PAEONIA x Red Magic (Peony)
        RUDBECKIA x American Gold Rush (Showy Coneflower)
        SANGUISORBA minor Little Angel (Burnet)
        2018_Sedum Red Wiggle3_optSEDUM ochroleucum Red Wiggle (Stonecrop)
        SEDUM requienii (Stonecrop)
        SEDUM spurium Green Mantle (Stonecrop)
        SEDUM x SUNSPARKLER« Lime Twister (Stonecrop)
        SEMPERVIVUM x Pacific Devil's Food (Hens-and-Chicks)
        SEMPERVIVUM x CHICK CHARMS™ Key Lime Kiss™
        SEMPERVIVUM x CHICK CHARMS™ Sugar Shimmer™ VERONICA x Royal Rembrandt (Speedwell)
        VERONICA x Whitewater (Speedwell)
        VERONICA x MAGIC SHOW™ White Wands (Speedwell)
        WALDSTEINIA fragarioides (Appalachian Barren Strawberry)

      Note: New variety photos courtesy of Walter's Gardens, Plant Haven and Terra Nova Nursery.

      This past year has seen the rise of consumer concern with two issues -- the use of GMO seeds and the use of neonicotinoids. We thought we'd print our answers to give you a start.

      2013_Rudbeckia First, we do not use GMO seeds for any of our vegetables, herbs or perennials. Actually, there are few food crops for which there are GMO varieties available. They include corn, soybeans, cotton (for cotton seed oil) squash, papaya, sugar beets that are refined into sugar, and alfalfa for animal feed. There are really no GMO varieties in herbs or perennials.

      Second, there has been a lot of press lately about the use of neonicotinoids on ornamental crops. We limit the use of neonics on pollinator plants to those applications for which there is no viable alternative and use only according to label specifications. Since there is no definitive answer to the decline of bees, butterflies and other pollinators, our answer isáPLANT MORE FLOWERS!!

      There has been a "Growing Green" statement on this website for some time. The statement has now been updated to address the above issues. Visit ouráHow We Growápage for more information.

      Happy gardening!

      Plants of the Year
      Each year extraordinary plants are chosen to represent the best in their category. Here are the "plants of the year" this year:

      WNA Plant of the Year is Sporobolus heterolepis (Prairie Dropseed). Learn more at www.wgif.net
      Perennial Plant of the Year: Allium x Millenium. Learn more at www.perennialplant.org
      Hosta of the Year: Hosta x World Cup. Learn more at www.hostagrowers.org
      Herb of the Year: Hops (Humulus). Learn more at http://www.iherb.org

      2018_spor_125 2018_AlliumMillenium_125 2018_Hosta WorldCupGM_125 2018_HopsCascade2_125

      In May of 2015, the phase-out period began for the latest additions to the Wisconsin DNR NR 40 Invasive Species regulations. The following is a list of varieties we no longer grow or are phasing-out:

      • Aegopodium podagraria (Bishop's goutweed)
      • Akebia quinata (Fiveleaf akebia or Chocolate vine)
      • Ampelopsis brevipedunculata (Porcelain berry) including the variegated cultivar
      • Elymus arenarius or Leymus arenarius (Lyme grass or sand ryegrass)
      • Iris pseudacorus (Yellow iris)
      • Lysimachia nummularia (Moneywort) except the cultivar Aurea and yellow and gold leaf forms
      • Myosotis scorpioides (Aquatic forget-me-not)

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