"A garden always gives back
more than it receives."

~ Mara Beamish

Scarborough Faire Herbs

Scarborough Faire's got a GROOVY LOOK! Check it out, man! From OLD SCHOOL to the SUPER COOL, Scarborough Faire Herbs have got it covered with a FAR OUT '60's vibe. Take a look at our list of 100 herbs and scented geraniums for the flower child in all of us.

Herbs are sooo versatile! They can really get your creative juices flowin' if you give 'em a chance. Of course fresh herbs are the very best for flavoring your favorite dishes, but there are so many other uses, too, like for fragrance, tea, health and beauty.

  • Try planting herbs in containers and placing them where they'd be easy to get to.
  • Did you know that many herbs can be grown inside during the winter if they have a sunny location?
  • Did you know you can use herbs to flavor sugar and salt?
  • Scarborough Faire Herbs and Scented Geraniums are all locally grown in Southeastern Wisconsin.

Are Scarborough Faire Herbs grown organically?
The simple answer is no. However, our herbs are grown bio-rationally and sustainably. We use biological agents wherever possible. We use the softest chemical control available when necessary. The result is the least effect on the environment. None of the herbs we grow are GMO. We live here, we work here, and we want to be able to use the plants we grow in our own dinners.

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