"Look deep into nature,
and you will understand everything better."

~ Albert Enstein

What's Bloomin' Each Month?
Your gardening guide to light, height and season

Create a garden that blooms continuously during the growing season.

Using the chart below, determine the light your garden will receive and then review our list of what blooms each month, by light preference and height. Then look for these plants in your local garden centers! Don't be confused by the Latin names -- your garden center will assist you in locating the plant you need.

Click on the
list you need
Full Sun
Part Sun
Part Shade
Full Shade
Early Spring/March none none none Full Shade
Mid-Spring/April Full Sun Part-Sun Part-Shade Full Shade
Late Spring/May Full Sun Part-Sun Part-Shade Full Shade
Early Summer/June Full Sun Part-Sun Part-Shade Full Shade
Mid-Summer/July Full Sun Part-Sun Part-Shade Full Shade
Late Summer/August Full Sun Part-Sun Part-Shade Full Shade
Early Fall/September Full Sun Part-Sun Part-Shade none
Foliage for Spring-Fall Full Sun Part-Sun Part-Shade Full Shade

Our list has been designed to complement the Northern Sunset color system: Periwinkle Blue for Full Shade, Mint Green for Part Shade, Warm Apricot for Part Sun, and Sunny Yellow for Full Sun.

Sun Requirements Guide:

With the right plant in the right place, perennials can give any garden constantly changing colors and textures.

We have created this tool to help you determine the perennials that are right for your garden. As you choose the links below in our chart, please note the designations for bloom times, re-blooming perennials, and height categories.

Bloom times roughly correspond to the months of the garden season beginning with March and going through October. Perennials can vary in bloom time from year to year by as much as two weeks, depending on weather conditions.

Longer bloom times have been designated by an asterisk (*). Each asterisk indicates an extra 2-4 weeks of bloom.

    Symbol: * ** ***
    Blooms for: 6-8 weeks 10-12 weeks 14-16 weeks

Re-blooming perennials are indicated by a lowercase, superscript r, as you see in the Iberis s. Autumn Beautyr

Height has been divided into 5 categories:

    Groundhugger Small Medium Tall Vine
    2"-12" 10"-24" 18"-36" 30"-9' 48"-75'

We hope this information, along with the Northern Sunset System for Success, and of course, the quality of Northern Sunset helps you achieve your most beautiful garden ever!

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