"A garden is a delight to the eye
and a solace for the soul."

~ Sadi

The System for Success: Soil, Selection, Sizes


Soil is the foundation of a quality plant. Just as a healthy diet means a healthy body, the soil a plant lives in reflects the soundness of that plant.

Although we are constantly adjusting our soil mix to improve and lighten it, our soil mix contains real soil. Here's why:

  • Real soil mix contains many nutrients and minerals that plants know and love.
  • Real soil mix provides better insulation for the crown during cold Wisconsin winters.
  • Real soil mix means less transplant shock when planting.
  • Real soil mix creates a stronger root system.
  • Real soil mix gives you an all around better quality plant.
  • Real soil mix is one reason for the quality of Northern Sunset.


    Maybe the act of mastering the many details of gardening, such as the needs of each plant, its soil, light and water requirements, brings you a sense of accomplishment. Northern Sunset has a wide selection to choose from. We grow over 1300 varieties of perennials and herbs including grasses, hosta, daylilies, ferns, and Midwest natives for you to try.

    They are lovingly chosen for their beauty, hardiness, and adaptability to the soils in our area. Our large selection ensures that you will find the perfect plant for that certain spot in your garden.

    Our selection includes:

  • Classics-those which have stood the test of time, such as delphiniums, and daisies.
  • Recent developments-such as the tetraploid daylilies, with their stronger stems and thicker petals.
  • New varieties-which reflect the best of the hardiest plants available today.

    In addition, Northern Sunset Perennials are over-wintered and harden-off. If you are a garden nut and can't wait to get out in the garden in spring, Northern Sunset Perennials are landscape and garden ready early in the season.

    Northern Sunset Premium Perennials are improved plants which are more costly to obtain or more difficult to produce. We designate the price by the color of the container not the size of the pot. You get a better plant, not more soil and plastic.


    Perennial Packaging_2013 Perchance, your goals may be to beautify and enhance a home or commercial site in an economical fashion. Our pint and quart pots are an economical way to purchase plant material.

    Northern Sunset Perennials and Scarborough Faire Herbs come in three sizes: 3 pints, quarts or #1 pots.

    The Pint size pot is useful for most herbs and groundcovers. Its smaller size is great for tucking herbs into pots or placing groundcovers in mass plantings.

    We continue to believe that the Quart size pot is the best value in perennials today and here's why:

  • Using 2 quarts for each #1 pot will generally give you better coverage at a lower cost.
  • A Quart size pot gives more uniform coverage in a mass planting.
  • Quarts are easier to plant.
  • Quarts go through less transplant shock.

    #1 pots are useful for a specimen plant that stands out in the landscape, plants with a taproot, or those with a large root system.

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