"A garden always gives back
more than it receives."

~ Mara Beamish

What's New with Grandpa Red's?


See the complete list for all vegetable and small fruits available from Grandpa Red's. We continue to add heirloom and newer varieties to fill in wherever we can.

Three Small Fruits:

  • Honeyberry is a Super Fruit similar to blueberries in taste and nutritional content. The advantage is their ability to thrive in the heavy clay soils found around the Great Lakes, where blueberries tend to struggle. Since two varieties of similar bloom time, planted near each other are needed for best pollination, we've added Indigo Gem and Indigo Treat.


  • Strawberry, Natural Albino® AKA Hula Berry™ is creamy white with red seeds and a pleasant, mild flavor reminiscent of pineapple. It is everbearing, and needs a ratio of 1 to 4 plants of an everbearing pollinator strawberry variety nearby for best production.

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