"Garden as though you will live forever."
~ William Kent

Ozaukee, Washington, Waukesha, and Racine Counties

Gamroth Landscaping & Grading
6693 Ohio Rd. 
Allenton, WI 53002
Phone: 262-629-1110
Fax: 262-338-6208  
Email: info@gamroth.com

Barkwood Landscaping Co., Inc.
15230 Turnberry Dr. 
Brookfield, WI 53005
Phone: 414-962-4779
Email: barkwoodlandscape@hotmail.com

David J. Frank Landscape Cont., Inc
4455 N. 124th St.Hours:
  • M-F: 7:00am-5:00pm
  • Saturdays by Appointment
  • Brookfield, WI 53005
    Phone: 262-255-4888
    Email: mail@davidjfrank.com
    Specializing in full service landscape design and build, maintenance, renovation, irrigation, Interiorscapes, snow removal, and more to beautify Wisconsin homes and businesses.

    Burlington Garden Center
    5205 Mormon Rd.Hours: M-F: 9:00am-6:00pm
    Burlington, WI 53105
    Phone: 262-763-2153
    Fax: 262-763-8516 Season:
  • Mar. 1- Nov. 30
  • Weekends April- August
  • www.burlingtongardencenter.com
    Email: info@burlingtongardencenter.com

    AMJ Land Design, LLC
    N36 W6065 Wurthmann 
    Cedarburg, WI 53012
    Phone: 262-305-8500

    Arborscape, Inc.
    626 Hwy. 60 
    Cedarburg, WI 53012
    Phone: 262-377-7730
    Fax: 262-377-7830  
    Email: arborscapeinc@sbcglobal.net

    Dan Larsen Landscaping, Inc.
    289 Huntington Dr. 
    Cedarburg, WI 53012
    Phone: 262-375-6106

    Flagstone Landscaping
    1840 Lakefield Road 
    Cedarburg, WI 53012
    Phone: 262-377-7627
    Fax: 262-377-2890  

    LaRosa Landscape Management Co.
    N144 W5800 Pioneer Road 
    Cedarburg, WI 53012
    Phone: 262-375-8900
    Fax: 262-375-8901  

    Preciado's Landscaping
    PO Box 180492 
    Delafield, WI 53018
    Email: megmillerdesign@yahoo.com

    The Ground Crafter
    W312 S676 Wildwood Trail 
    Delafield, WI 53018
    Phone: 262-325-6868
    Email: tom@thegroundcrafter.com

    Elm Grove    
    All-Ways Contractors, Inc.
    PO Box 798 
    Elm Grove, WI 53122
    Phone: 262-789-6944

    Kanavas Landscape Management, Inc.
    13575 Juneau Blvd. 
    Elm Grove, WI 53122
    Phone: 262-786-0050
    Fax: 262-786-0098  
    Email: kanavas@kanavaslandscape.com

    David J. Frank Landscape Cont., Inc
    N120 W21350 Freistadt Rd.Hours:
  • M-F: 7:00am -5:00pm
  • Saturdays by appointment
  • Germantown, WI 53022-1623
    Phone: 262-255-4888
    Email: mail@davidjfrank.com
    Specializing in full service landscape design and build, maintenance, renovation, irrigation, Interiorscapes, snow removal, and more to beautify Wisconsin homes and businesses.

    Sydney Landscape Company
    N115 W15116 Potomac Circle 
    Germantown, WI 53022
    Phone: 262-251-0744

    Tailored Lawn & Landscape
    W188 N11881 Maple Road 
    Germantown, WI 53022
    Phone: 414-333-2540
    Email: cjurewicz1@wi.rr.com

    The Flower Source, Inc.
    W156 N11124 Pilgrim Rd.Hours: Open 7 days a week
    Germantown, WI 53022
    Phone: 262-251-7673
    Fax: 262-253-5204  
    Specializing in hundreds of varieties of quality perennials, hosta, and roses.

    Wendland Landscape Services, Inc./Wendland Nursery
    W172 N10415 Division RoadHours: Vary by season. Please call for current hours.
    Germantown, WI 53022-3901
    Phone: 262-251-9678
    Fax: 262-251-5759  
    Email: info@wendlandnursery.com
    Specializing in both residential and commercial landscaping. Offering a wide variety of services including retail plant sales, landscape design and construction, plant and tree maintenance, hardscape intallation and snowplowing.

    Wirth Services, Inc.
    N116 W12535 Elm Lane 
    Germantown, WI 53022
    Phone: 262-242-9580
    Fax: 262-512-1277  
    Email: wirthservices@sbcglobal.net

    Holly's Enchanted Gardens
    1416 4th Ave. 
    Grafton, WI 53024
    Phone: 414-708-8909
    Email: holly.steffen@att.net

    Quality Landscaping
    1103 Lakefield Road 
    Grafton, WI 53024
    Phone: 262-276-9999
    Fax: 262-376-1462  

    Erin Country Market
    1699 Hwy 83 South 
    Hartford, WI 53027
    Phone: 262-670-6701
    Email: itspat55@yahoo.com

    Century Landscaping Company, Inc.
    N77 W31086 Hartman Ct. 
    Hartland, WI 53029
    Phone: 262-966-2822
    Fax: 262-966-1941  
    Email: info@centurylandscaping.com

    Garden Gate Nursery & Landscape
    N48 W30756 Hill Street 
    Hartland, WI 53029
    Phone: 262-367-6464
    Fax: 262-563-1349  

    Grounds Keeper, Inc.
    W300 N7639 Christine Lane 
    Hartland, WI 53029
    Phone: 414-852-6937
    Email: fred_gki@yahoo.com

    2708 Sherman RoadHours:
  • Garden Center
  • MON-SUN: Spring-Christmas
  • Landscape Office
  • MON-FRI: Year Round
  • Jackson, WI 53037-9794
    Phone: 262-677-3010
    Fax: 262-677-0505  
    Email: gardencenter@lammscape.com
    Specializing in Landscape Design, Installation and Management. Garden Center and Nursery are open for special events and family activities year round.

    Mayer Landscapes LLC
    3115 Western Ave. 
    Jackson, WI 53037
    Phone: 262-677-8417
    Fax: 262-677-9322  
    Email: Brad@mayerlandscape.com
    Specializing in Landscape Development.

    Menomonee Falls    
    American Landscape
    N60 W16073 Kohler Ln. 
    Menomonee Falls, WI 53051
    Phone: 262-252-4260
    Fax: 262-252-3292  
    Email: kfenner@amerlandscape.com

    Blaze Landscape Contracting, Inc.
    W180 N5325 Marcy Road 
    Menomonee Falls, WI 53051
    Phone: 262-252-3188
    Fax: 262-252-4358  

    Breezy Hill Nursery, Inc.
    N96 W21627 County Line Road 
    Menomonee Falls, WI 53105
    Phone: 262-206-5713
    Fax: 262-537-4996  
    Email: store@breezyhillnursery.com

    Jahnke Landscaping, LLC
    W154 N8067 Elm Lane 
    Menomonee Falls, WI 53051
    Phone: 262-251-9142
    Fax: 262-251-9217  
    Email: jahnkelandscaping@hotmail.com

    Northstar Landscaping, LLC
    N59 W14418 Bobolink Avenue 
    Menomonee Falls, WI 53051
    Phone: 262-264-5784
    Fax: 262-264-5910  

    Shady Lane Greenhouses, Inc.
    W172 N7388 Shady Lane 
    Menomonee Falls, WI 53051
    Phone: 262-251-1660
    Fax: 262-251-1450  
    Email: info@shadylanegreenhouse.com heidi@shadylanegreenhouse.com

    Villani Landshapers
    N59 W14397 Bobolink Ave. 
    Menomonee Falls, WI 53051
    Phone: 262-252-4541
    Fax: 262-252-4524  
    Villani Landshapers expertise includes Residential and Commercial landscape architecture design and landscape installation. From outdoor living areas, patios, retaining walls and walks, no job is too big or small.

    Waldschmidt & Sons, Inc.
    N94 W17937 Appleton Ave. 
    Menomonee Falls, WI 53051
    Phone: 262-251-1400
    Fax: 262-251-1491  

    ECO HARMONY Landscape & Design LLC
    1648 W. El Rancho Dr. 
    Mequon, WI 53092
    Phone: 414-810-5858(Mike)
    Email: mike.ecoharmony@gmail.com david.ecoharmony@gmail.com

    Exteriors Unlimited Landscape, Inc.
    6929 W. Donges Bay Road 
    Mequon, WI 53092
    Phone: 262-242-4884
    Fax: 262-242-9914  
    Email: info@exteriors-unlimited.com

    F. Green Lawn Sprinklers & Landscaping
    4901 W. Pioneer Road 
    Mequon, WI 53097
    Phone: 262-618-4629

    Herbs & Everlastings
    12246 N. Farmdale Road 
    Mequon, WI 53097
    Phone: 262-242-3866
    Email: farmernino@wi.rr.com

    Lakeside Landscape Corp.
    1019 W. Bonniwell Road 
    Mequon, WI 53097
    Phone: 262-243-5555
    Email: info@lakesidelandscapecorp.com

    The Secret Garden, Inc.
    7501 W. Donges Bay Road 
    Mequon, WI 53092
    Phone: 414-351-5370
    Email: mike@thesecretgardenlandscape.com

    Turfs Up, LLC
    13420 N. Wasaukee Rd. 
    Mequon, WI 53097
    Phone: 262-512-1968
    Fax: 262-512-1968  
    Email: dick@turfsuplandscapewi.com

    Woodland Restoration LLC
    13823 N. Davis Road 
    Mequon, WI 53097
    Phone: 262-994-7722
    Email: drewbtyne@live.com

    Bret Achenhagen's Seasonal Service
    W336 S8510 Hwy. E 
    Mukwonago, WI 53149
    Phone: 262-392-3444
    Fax: 262-392-3445  

    Createscape Landscaping Service Inc
    34210 Janesville Dr. 
    Mukwonago, WI 53149
    Phone: 262-662-0201
    Fax: 262-662-9994  

    Midwest Landscape Co.
    W297 S9115 Hwy. 83 
    Mukwonago, WI 53149
    Phone: 262-363-3970
    Fax: 262-363-3968  
    *aka The Garden Mart
    Email: midwestlandscape@centurytel.net

    The Elegant Farmer, Inc.
    1545 Main St. 
    Mukwonago, WI 53149
    Phone: 262-363-6770
    Fax: 262-363-6774  
    Email: info@elegantfarmer.com

    Yerke Frog Alley Greenhouses
    S79 W28995 Frog Alley RoadHours: Please call for hours.
    Mukwonago, WI 53149
    Phone: 262-363-8911
     Season: Spring and Summer
    Specializing in Unique Floral Hanging Gardens, Certified Organic Herbs & Vegetable Plants

    Terra-Firma Landscape, Inc.
    S66 W14427 Janesville Road 
    Muskego, WI 53150-2609
    Phone: 414-422-9440
    Email: Hschuster@wi.rr.com

    New Berlin    
    Action Garden Center, Inc.
    16914 W. Observatory Rd. 
    New Berlin, WI 53151
    Phone: 262-784-0090
    Fax: 262-782-1847  

    Grounds Maintenance Services, LLC
    PO Box 510107 
    New Berlin, WI 53151
    Phone: 262-784-8219
    Fax: 886-236-1546  
    Email: Todd@GMSWI.com

    Integrity Landscape Services, LLC
    2900 S. 166th Street  
    New Berlin, WI 53151
    Phone: 414-423-7900
    Fax: 414-423-5855  
    Email: info@integritylandscapeservices.com

    Landcrafters, Inc.
    2145 S. 162nd Street 
    New Berlin, WI 53151
    Phone: 262-827-1604
    Fax: 262-822-1603  
    Email: landcrafters1@tds.net

    Liban's Lawn Service, Inc.
    21380 W. Lawnsdale Ct. 
    New Berlin, WI 53146
    Phone: 414-406-7619

    Poplar Creek Gardens
    16980 W. National Ave. 
    New Berlin, WI 53151
    Phone: 414-588-0617
    Fax: 262-255-8667  
    Email: kdonlevy@aol.com

    Trees on the Move, Inc.
    5611 S. Calhoun Rd. 
    New Berlin, WI 53151
    Phone: 262-679-5200
    Fax: 262-679-5215  
    Email: Jason@treesonthemove.com sue@treesonthemove.com

    Country Gardens
    N79 W39551 McMahon Rd. 
    Oconomowoc, WI 53066
    Phone: 920-474-7324
    Fax: 920-474-7324  
    Email: countrygardens@hotmail.com
    Specializing in a wide variety of perennials. Come and view their many beautiful display gardens.

    Earth Keepers Landscape Management
    1287 Lilly Road 
    Oconomowoc, WI 53066
    Phone: 262-993-9940

    Quadscapes Landscaping Srvcs, LLC
    38 S. Main Street 
    Oconomowoc, WI 53066
    Phone: 888-278-6505
    Fax: 888-278-6505  
    Email: markus@quadscapeslandscaping.com

    Port Washington    
    Fransee Nursery
    3670 Hwy. W 
    Port Washington, WI 53074
    Phone: 262-284-9404
    Fax: 262-284-6214  
    Email: franseenursery@live.com

    Julie Nash Landscape Maintenance
    PO Box 427 
    Port Washington, WI 53074
    Phone: 262-268-0672
    Email: jhnlandscape@aol.com

    Raindance By Kelly
    2612 Green St. 
    Racine, WI 53402
    Phone: 262-864-4136
    Email: raindancebykelly@gmail.com

    Terra Tec Landscapes, Inc.
    2433 Slinger Rd. 
    Richfield, WI 53076
    Phone: 262-644-5488
    Fax: 262-644-8621  

    Wood-Stone Landscaping, LLC.
    501 N. Mill St. 
    Saukville, WI 53080
    Phone: 262-377-4416
    Fax: 262-377-2317  

    Nehm's Greenhouse
    3639 Hwy. 175 
    Slinger, WI 53086
    Phone: 262-644-5688
    Fax: 262-644-5688  
    Email: bjheyden@gmail.com
    A Full Service Garden Center carrying a wide array of perennials, specialty annuals, vegetable plants, geraniums, pllanters and more.

    Outdoor Design, Inc.
    4346 Fond du Lac Dr. 
    Slinger, WI 53086
    Phone: 262-644-8885
    Email: info@outdoordesign.net
    Specializing in complete design/build for all of your landscaping needs.

    Dreamscape Lawn Care
    2334 N. Sylvania Ave. 
    Sturtevant, WI 53177
    Phone: 262-878-0501
    Fax: 262-878-4755  
    Email: dreamscapelawncare@yahoo.com

    Landscape Master, LLC
    P.O. Box 266 
    Sussex, WI 53089-0266
    Phone: 262-617-5019
    Email: landscapemasterllc@yahoo.com

    M & S Landscape Creations, LLC
    PO Box 525 
    Sussex, WI 53089
    Phone: 414-235-1304

    Zeiler Landscape, LLC
    N73 W22542 Edgewood Ln. 
    Sussex, WI 53089
    Phone: 414-659-6484
    Fax: 262-246-1916  
    Email: zlandscape@wi.rr.com

    Frenz, Inc.
    505 N. Main St. 
    Thiensville, WI 53092
    Phone: 262-242-1060
    Fax: 262-242-4891  
    Email: frenzmarket@sbcglobal.net

    Badgerland Lawn & Landscaping
    1217 S. Grandview Blvd.  
    Waukesha, WI 53188
    Phone: 262-544-9404
    Fax: 262-544-9416  
    Email: john@badgerlandscape.com

    Central Services Company, Inc.
    1409 Poplar Dr. 
    Waukesha, WI 53188
    Phone: 262-548-0005
    Fax: 262-548-0744  
    Email: info@centralservicescompany.com

    De Luca & Hartman Construction
    W234 S6650 Big Bend Dr. 
    Waukesha, WI 53189
    Phone: 262-662-3020
    Email: dhmainhq@delucaandhartman.com

    Lawns R US, Inc.
    W304 S3925 Brookhill Road 
    Waukesha, WI 53189
    Phone: 262-968-9002
    Fax: 262-968-9004  
    Email: info@lawnsrus.com

    Nelson Landscape, Inc.
    P.O. Box 823 
    Waukesha, WI 53187-0823
    Phone: 262-549-6111
    Fax: 262-549-9229 Season: April-November
    Specializing in complete Design and Installation

    Piala's Nursery & Garden Shop, Inc.
    S39 W27833 Genesee Road 
    Waukesha, WI 53189
    Phone: 262-547-2677
    Email: mike@pialasnursery.com

    Swimming Pool Services
    W220 N1563 Jerico Ct. 
    Waukesha, WI 53186
    Phone: 262-544-5500

    Waukesha Floral & Greenhouse
    319 S. Prairie Ave.Hours: MON-SAT: 8:00am-5:00pm
    Waukesha, WI 53186
    Phone: 262-542-8152
    Fax: 262-542-6035  
    Email: jane@waukeshafloral.com
    Specializing in plant rental, we are a full service floral shop and greenhouse.

    Wind Lake    
    Wind Lake Grading
    8600 Milwaukee Ave. 
    Wind Lake, WI 53185
    Phone: 262-895-2950
    Fax: 262-895-2514  

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